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NCNU Library owns over 430,000 books, 135,000 e-books, 70,000 journals, 65,000 e-journals, and 33,000 multimedia materials.

We also possess the following items in the IBS Office.

Items (English Name)(Chinese Name)
New TOEIC My First TOEICNew TOEIC新多益測驗入門
New TOEIC Start-up TOEIC (Listening Comprehension)New TOEIC新多益聽力入門
New TOEIC Start-up TOEIC (Reading Comprehension)New TOEIC新多益閱讀入門
New TOEIC Power TestNew TOEIC新多益測驗大破解
New TOEIC Preparation Guide I新版多益測驗指南
New TOEIC Preparation Guide II 新版多益測驗解析
Essential Vocabularies & Phrases for TOEICTOEIC多益常考字彙片語
Tactics for TOEIC Listening and Reading Test--
Guide for 21 Days to the TOEIC Test多益攻略精選
21 Days to the TOEIC Word Development21天多益字彙精選
21 Days to the TOEIC Listening Focus21天多益聽力突破
TOEIC Non-official Test-Practice Guide多益測驗導引
TOEIC Full-Length Non-official Simulated Test完整版多益模擬測驗
TOEIC Preparation Guide I多益實戰指南
TOEIC Preparation Guide II多益攻略解析
TOEIC Vocabularies多益活背字彙
Word Power Breakthrough新英文字彙方法小百科
English for Communication--
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