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Academic Regulations for Master Program Students



The department has specifically formulated the academic regulations for the purpose of understanding the rules of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.



For graduate students, the study time limit is one to four years. For postgraduate students, the lowest study time limit is two years.


3 Students must fulfill the following conditions in order to get Master degree.

i. Fulfill 28 required course credits, passing all of them.

ii.   Fulfill 14 elective course credits, passing all of them.

iii.  Finish a Master's thesis and successfully pass the oral examination. The Master's thesis should include an English summary of more than 500 words.

iv.  Fulfill 42 course credits (at least 36 course credits from the department), passing all of them.

v. English attainment tests. Score 79 or higher on TOEFL iBT; or pass the secondary level of the high-intermediate GEPT examination or higher; score 750 or higher on TOEIC; or achieve an equivalent level in domestic and overseas English attainment tests.

If students are unable to pass the foregoing rules of the English attainment tests in two study years, they can then apply for the following remedial measures (one of two choices):

a. From the fifth semester, the score standard of TOEIC adjusts to 700; from the sixth semester, the score standard adjusts to 650. The other related test standards shall be in accordance with this example, which shall be confirmed and announced by the thesis committee.

b.  From the fifth semester, students can take "Advanced English" class for one year and score 70 or above.


4 For those who study for a Master degree at another school before admission, waivers must have similar content to the courses of the Master program at NCNU. A maximum of 14 course credits can be accepted as the basis for waivers.



Students should start to make appointments with a full-time department teaching staff member (including jointly appointed) within the second semester of the first study year and hand in the declaration of their supervising professor's consent at the end of the semester; the thesis committee shall then confirm it. A teacher in the department can recommend a teacher of another department or another school to jointly guide the student.


6 A revision of thesis topic and the writing of the thesis shall be conducted under the instruction of the supervising professor(s).

Any change in supervising professor(s) needs to be applied for and then the thesis committee shall confirm it.



Oral examination committee members for the Master's thesis shall total 3-5 people. One-third of the committee should be external examiners of which the supervising professor(s) of the student is included in the external examiners’ reference list. After the thesis committee selects the external examiners, these people are then appointed by the dean. If students have two supervising professors, then there must be at least four members on the oral examination committee.



The thesis committee is formed by 2-4 people who are elected by all full-time departments teaching staff, with the dean of the department as the convener. They are responsible for thesis guiding conferences, "Seminars on International Business", and the oral examination of the Master's thesis.


9 Students have to fulfill 42 credits, pass an English requirement, receive the approval of the supervising professors on the Master's thesis, and finish the two following rules. After accomplishing these things, students can apply for an oral examination of the Master's thesis.

i.   Students must speak verbal English to report the thesis proposal in the course of "Seminars on International Business".

ii. Students need to verbally report the complete thesis in the "Seminars on International Business". During the student’s report of the thesis, the supervising professor(s) of the student and the internal oral examiners shall attend the seminar. Two-thirds of all attending members must agree on the thesis report.

If the thesis proposal or the complete thesis is not passed, then the student must report on it the next time.



Students must take three courses in economics, statistics, and accounting if they have not taken them before admission. Approval must come from the Master degree committee.



Students are not allowed to enroll in more than 15 course credits each term and must fulfill at least 36 course credits from the department within the study years.


12 These regulations have been implemented after being passed by the Departmental Affairs Meeting and the College Affairs Meeting, and after having been presented at the Academic Affairs Meeting.


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