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  IBS specializes in nurturing students who have the quality of Internationalization, Innovation, and Industrialization - named the 3 I’s. In order to instill the 3 I’s within students, IBS has created a course design and skill development model that are able to integrate the aforementioned qualities. Competence, Confidence, Character - called the 3 C’s - are what define the students. Studying at IBS offers a great opportunity to improve all management aspects and to build a bridge from Taiwan to other Asian economies, especially China, with a further extension to the whole world. For curriculum planning, IBS ensures that a wide variety of courses is available from the university, the school of management, and IBS itself. Moreover, students are required to know a secondary language and pass the English requirement to graduate.

  IBS encourages students to gain practical knowledge through hands-on experience and to participate in extracurricular activities and school events (for instance, IBS Haunted House, IBS Week, and ballroom dancing). Another important learning model of IBS involves enterprise case studies and proposals. The entrepreneurship courses have become a platform for creativity and practical application for teachers and students and allow students to see how an enterprise actually functions and can aid them in the future.

  Various outdoor activities (international etiquette, golf, ballroom dancing, etc.) enable students to acquire other positive characteristics and abilities needed for becoming an international business manager. We also encourage students to participate in community activities (IBS Week, competition, etc.) that improve their organization, planning, implementation, and leadership abilities.

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